About Me

I am a mom to two kids, a girl and a boy.  I live in Minnesota with them, my wonderful husband, and our golden, Rocco.  After my family, I love stories, books, technology, libraries, photography, thrift stores, garage sales, going to the movies, and making old things new.  I enjoy cooking when I do it but have a hard time making it a priority.  I do not like cleaning - ever - but tolerate it by rearranging the furniture as a ruse to clean. I love homemade things and try to fill our lives (and the lives of those we love) with things I've made or repurposed.

I've dabbled in teaching and library work since my teen years and have finally decided to make it official. I spend my days in an elementary school library while working on my K-12 teaching and media specialist licenses in grad school at night.

I have also tried to bring writing back into my daily life ever since our children were born but can't seem to commit the time.  My hope is that this this blog will be a place to oil my thoughts, scrape off the rust, and truly start writing again.

So, this is my blogging space where I can keep track of the things we're reading at home and the experiences we're having at school, the things we're constructing everyday, and the connections we find between all that and this life we're living. I hope you'll find a little inspiration, camaraderie, maybe even entertainment, as I share these pieces of my every day life.