Thursday, July 13, 2017

Early Morning Distracted Reading

Every summer, the Minneapolis newspaper runs a serialized book in the variety section and I look forward to an early morning read with my coffee. I'm taking two online summer courses and have to be logged in every morning from 7:30-noon so I don't always get the chance to read till later. And sometimes, a couple of days pile up on me! Yesterday, I was up extra early so I sat on the deck to catch up on Redemption's Run, the Star Tribune's 2017 serialized story by Jane Fredericksen. 

I was distracted, though, by the beautiful front cover image and article about the allure of picture books on Tuesday's section. Dilemma...what should I read first?! And when I got to Wednesday's section, my eyes were pulled to the adjacent article on a literature course offered at the University of Minnesota studying the writings of Bob Dylan. 

So much little time!

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