Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bhäird is the name of our Corner Garden

The perennials in our corner grade are springing to life but we lost one of our large old pines and the arbor is knocked a little off kilter. Over the years, we have called this corner garden the fairy garden, the pine forest, the forest garden, the play garden, or simply the back corner.

Kate used to make up stories about the fairies and gnomes who lived in this garden. Several years ago, to encourage her aspirations of becoming a writer, I said I would pay her for each story that she wrote, typed, and submitted to me. She gave the village that exists in this garden the name Bhäird and I now have this beautiful collection of stories; stories of winter survival, mid-summer festivities, and even wars that have broken out between political factions of the inhabitants (who knew, right?!)!

In the forefront of the above photo is a book we have loved by an author we have adored, Lesley M.M. Blume. Back when our mother/daughter book club met, we read Blume's book The Rising Star of Rusty Nail. We wrote a letter to Ms. Blume and were so excited to receive a beautiful hand-written note back from the author.

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