Sunday, May 14, 2017

It Smells So Good

If I could have a dollar for every time a student walks into the media center, takes a deep breath and says, "Ah, it smells so good in here"....I'd....well, I'd have a lot of dollars! There's something about stepping through the doors of a media center, or a library, with information everywhere, pictures and and connections and stories and facts and virtual experiences....that makes you have to stop and take a deep breath. You can be transported or be transformed here. And it smells good.

Speaking of smells, and libraries,...when Kate and I were in Boston and New York City over spring break, touring colleges, we found the Demeter Fragrance Library. We had fun sampling the incredible variety of Moonshine, Cotton Candy, Laundromat, Meadow, Holy Water, and even Kitten Fur. Katie bought Salt Air as a souvenir. I didn't buy one but, honestly, kinda regretted it once we were back at home.

And, now, guess what my two sweet kids ordered me for Mother's Day? Yep, my very own crazy fragrances. Nestled in a beautiful little box were these two shiny bottles selected just for me. Paperback smells soft, papery with a slight hint of vanilla. Tomato smells warm and green, something between the smell of a tomato vine and a freshly picked, freshly sliced tomato. It smells like I'm sitting in a vegetable garden. That may not sound like a scent you want to wear but, really, it is so summery and pleasant. I love it!

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